The Juice & The Sauce

Local hero and all-around cool dude, Greg Snitkin, interviews guests about their jobs and the journeys that got them there.

We are joined by Broadway Musician John DiSanto in the second installment of an accidental two-part Broadway series! John's not one to toot his own horn, he's more of a reed guy. You better believe we get crazy talking about all kinds of saxophones and shit!

Topics Include: Showing up and playing the part, getting lost in vamps, learning all the instruments, working underground with the mutants, brushing shoulders with the actors, and we try our best to make no mistakes.

We are joined by friend Natalie Daradich in a theatrical performance unlike any other! Natalie's impressive credits include performing as Glinda in the U.S. touring company of “Wicked”, and way more importantly, working with your boiiii (me). Some call that last part living the dream!

Topics include: Keeping that key card activated, chasing that dream, life changing auditions, the trickiness of working as a swing, and being 5' 2'', a dancer, and in charge of your safety.

Your Partymaster is joined by Physician Assistants, Claire and Kyle, as we dive head first into the fascinating world of blood and guts. Not literally of course, that would be gross and unnecessary.

Topics Include: How to survive PA school, finding people to practice medicine on, the PA vs NP showdown, being held to the standard of medicine, having the right attitude to not get sued, and we have an extremely private conversation.

Don Hohner, co-host of TV Talk, joins us in this week's episode as we take our tandem bike on a trip down memory lane. Geez, the traffic is surprisingly bad on this road, learn to drive you idiots!

Topics Include: Guilty pleasures on Bravo TV, solid finds at the Dollar Store, working as an EMT (and double dipping at the funeral home), electing the right high school class President, the beauty of Caldors, sending Sally her medical records, and we get mad about old people!

Jeff Smith is a well respected musician and marching band director. And he throws it all away to sit down and talk with me in this week's episode! Finally, a sport that combines my loves of flag twirling and technical marching. Who says nerd sports can't be enjoyed by popular kids, like you and me? Not Jeff, that's for sure!


Topics Include: Original acapella theme songs, choosing your own adventures, marching around like you own the place, deciphering fact from fiction, and we design our first marching band show

Jen stops by in this week's episode to formally decline my request for unlimited candy in the break room. When she isn't crushing my dreams she can be found with her nose in a book. She is also dating my friend Jimmy, which i'm not jealous about at all.

Topics Include: Getting to know everyone's secrets, the best (worst) applicant resumes, comparing our AP test scores, the uncoolness of books, and we get to know our friend Jimmy a little better

Sister and substance abuse evaluator, Tara O'Brien, stops by in this week's episode to remind us that the dangers of hard drugs include possible jail time and/or having to engage in long conversations with her. Terrifying, i know!

Topics Include: Channeling your inner narc, passing the urine test, how to deal with workplace burnout, inappropriate office relationships, vacationing in Malibu, running into your clients in everyday life, and we try to figure out which one of us is funnier.

Dan Dwyer joins us in this week's episode to help me figure out what's wrong with my brain. And the results aren't looking good, folks. Wait, no. I'm looking at this thing upside down, they look great! This neurofeedback technician has an endless curiosity and a commitment to the bit that will put your hipster friends to shame. Now you don't have to be friends with hipsters, you're welcome!

Topics Include: Your grandma's favorite sherry, the best sports you aren't following, the prestige of owning a printer, wearing a red shirt and khakis in the wrong places, the pros and cons of a psych degree, six hour dinners at the eating disorder clinic, how to make your brain less terrible, and we pay homage to the guy from that thing. 

Anthony Luckie can convince anyone of anything, or at least that's what he told me. This big city lawyer loves to help old people & has a heart of gold, and if you think otherwise he'll kill you. With kindness! I hope this doesn't violate our confidentiality agreement..

Topics Include: Freshman year college life, keeping it cool during the LSAT, convincing baby boomers we know what we're talking about, the inconvenience of divorce, and I get some free legal advice. 

Mike Dubovick returns to share his experiences working in investment banking, at a buy-side investment fund, and for Amazon. This guy is a deal machine and has the Patagonia vests to prove it.  We shook hands so many times it was insane. But hey, that's business baby!

Topics Include: Taking Gram to lunch, Red Lobster nightmare scenarios, drinking at the workplace, what we excel at the most, and the dos and don'ts of business trips.

Ricky Joyce is not the kind of guy to gloat about his stellar accomplishments so let me be the first to tell you that this guy bangs. He’s banged at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. He’s also banged in front of the President. And sometimes he even plays the drums. Ba dum chhhhhh

Topics include: Setting records in eating pirogies, how to think like a record executive, wasting only your time instead of wasting both your time and your money, giving friends the credit they deserve, and we try to figure out why Train’s lyrics are so bad.

In this week’s exclusive interview, Niki Pillitteri joins to teach us that life ain’t always peaches and cream. Because that would literally kill you.

Topics Include: Finding out who you really are, throwing a sandwich to prove a point, the keys to weight loss and/or happiness, and how I became a nutritionist (and how you can too).

In this week's historic three-pete episode, Pete Duffy returns with a new job and an even newer flannel shirt. And let me be the first to tell you, we talk about both in this club banger.  This is the shirt-eccentric conversation your parents have always warned you about. But I for one think you're old enough to make your own decisions.

Topics Include: Getting more dramatic than originally intended, doing whatever it takes to be first in line for a haircut, the relatability of supermodels, hanging out on the railroad tracks, working with Mr. Duffy, and dating in the new year.

In this week's episode, Chris Petrellese stops by the ranch to teach me that farm animals can also be our friends. And I must say, it feels great to have friends. Here at the ranch the only thing caged is our friend Nicholas, which is probably the worst Nicholas Cage joke you will hear today. Chris has turned his passion into a career and we totally go ham on the details of his Instagram celebrity and the successful blog he runs with his girlfriend, Jasmine. He is a true national treasure and has stolen the Declaration of Independence of our hearts!

Topics Include: Sharing the struggles of our celebrity, the east coast vs. west coast food showdown, how to get more followers on the gram, working with your significant other, and proving yourself by eating 30 burgers.

In this week's episode, Brian stops by unannounced to investigate the laughs that seem to be coming from my apartment at all hours of the night. Unfortunately for him, it's just me reading my MAD magazine. No suspicious activity going on here! And I do not wish to continue this conversation without my lawyer present..

Topics Include: the war against fare evasion, crashing police cars, a standoff between white collar and blue collar workers, braving it through the Academy, and how not volunteering to be tased makes you a bitch.

In this week’s episode, Jimmy DeMarco and Greg Cromwell stop by to supervise me as I attempt to ring up a classic bit about their lengthy tenures as ShopRite Supermarket front-end managers.  These guys are some real-life grocery store heroes, and we’re not talking about the kind you find in the deli section, folks. Come on in and let the kings 'produce' all the laughs you need this Monday morning!

Topics Include: Passing the personality test, the ascension to middle management, working Sundays to make that extra $1.50/hr, the war on extreme couponers, and I get yelled at by everyone.

In this week's episode, lifelong friend Rachel stops by to share the exciting journey to her newly earned Ph.D. We discuss the highs and lows of her pedagogical adventures and also get a glimpse into her life as a college Professor! Rachel has so many degrees I commonly confuse her with a right angle. But her infectious enthusiasm for her work gives me reasonable assurance she is a person.

Topics Include: Finding true love on reality television, the institutionalization of holocaust memorialization (which is not funny at all), assessing the accuracy of rate-my-professor, and the difference between robots and cyborgs.

In this week's episode, Pete Duffy makes a dramatic return to talk about his cool new job. This return is so dramatic that I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it. Ah, I promised myself I wouldn't get like this..

Topic include: Putting yourself into the mind of the Zodiac Killer, a lesson in Austrian Ecomomics, how getting a college degree makes you the boss, working weekends, and Pete gets put in the friendzone.

In this week's episode John Dubovick stops by the ranch to party like it's Thanksgiving. Just replace Grandma's stuffing with an interesting chat about John's past at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and it's basically the same thing. Gobble Gobble bitches!

Topics include: Homelessness in minor league baseball, John's new catch phrase, hot tipz on renting cars, and the pleasure of never dealing with rude customers.

We hopelessly dive deep into the sauce in this week's episode as Jacob Wright-Persanti comes by to discuss the finer things in life.

Topics include: The best towns in America, the Pokemon basement king, killing mosquitoes professionally, working with Jimmy, and we have our first guest caller!

Nothing is held back in this week's epsiode as Glenn comes by to discuss Bee Movie and other loveable things that are related to our jobs.

Topics include: the rules of podcasting, attractive coworkers, the value of communication, and campaigning for grant money.

In the first installment of our Dad Series, Anthony Piersanti comes by to discuss the pleasure it was having me as a sleepover guest in his house as a kid.

Topics Include: How to be a dad, using personality to score babes, meeting your idol, and sending kids home from summer camp.

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In this week’s episode, Pete comes on to talk about life as a history teacher, and to teach me how to podcast correctly. Spoiler alert - I still don't get it. But isn't the most important thing that you tried your best? No, it isn't. Pete is new to the game as a track & field coach, but he is wise like a bag of potato chips. Thankfully that's the only potato joke you will hear in this episode. You're welcome.

Topics include: Philosophies on life and work, going back to college, earning the respect of children, and playing video games as quickly as possible

In this week’s episode, Jimmy the Scientist (legal name) comes by to jam on some atoms and to get physics-cal. There is no shortage of chemistry between these two buds. In the end it was hard to say bio. I’m sorry.

Topics include: The #2 best thing to ever happen, supermarket shenanigans, the difference between science and murder, keepin’ it real (estate)

WARNING - This week’s episode is not for the faint of heart. Stephen J, the King of Brutality, stops by for possibly the most ferocious conversation ever caught on tape. Prepare for blood to shoot out of your eyeballs and for everything you care about to die!!!!! We also talk about his job in Tech Support.


Topics include: appropriate introductions, out hipster’ing hipsters, working at a record store, and movin’ on up in the world.




In this week's episode, Mike takes his private limo over to make some deals. Topics include: how to get into top tier schools, successful parenting strategies, buy side vs sell side, and adjusting to life on the outside.

Buckle up Nerds! In our first episode Jeff comes by to discuss life as high school music teacher. Topics Include: proper business etiquette, music schools, being mean to teenagers, and Jeff acting like a toddler.

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